If you love peanut butter chocolate we guarantee that after trying Peanut Butter Zero! you will never know that the only sugar in the product come from the natural sugar found in the lactose in the milk.

In every one of our bars, you will only find between 2.5 gm and 2.8 gm of sugar. That’s why we call Peanut Butter Zero! “Guilt-free Indulgence” –  as it has all the benefits of a great taste, without the added sugar.

Peanut Butter Zero is made only with straightforward, high quality non-GMO ingredients. Nothing is outsourced. We make our own peanut butter, and combine it with our own zero added sugar chocolate in our Factory in Port Elizabeth on the southern seaboard of South Africa.

We use dark roasted peanuts sourced from the same supplier who provides peanuts to one of the largest US companies in the world, and our cocoa all comes from West Africa and is certified “FairTrade”. The Whey protein in our range is sourced solely from the USA. We use no flavorings or food colors, we just combine great ingredients together to make a very special, and unique product which we know you will enjoy.

Our Factory is independently audited to ensure excellent food safety standards and our people are all drawn from the local community, the majority of whom are female and were previously disadvantaged. While we are proud of our South African roots, we want to share our amazing product with the world.

Try Peanut Butter Zero  and be amazed by the taste!